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Costa Cruises (Italian: Costa Crociere S.p.A.) is a British-American owned Italian cruise line, based in Genoa, Italy. Founded in 1924, the company originally operated cargo ships, until the introduction of passenger services in 1947, with regular services between Italy and South America. The company later converted its entire fleet to full time cruising, and as an independent company became one of the largest cruise operators in Europe. Acquired by Carnival Corporation in 2000, Costa Cruises is now one of eleven brands operated by Carnival Corporation & PLC. Today, as Costa Cruises Group, the company is one of the main operating companies in the Carnival group, with executive control of the groups activities in Europe. The company is responsible for operation of Costa Cruises in Italy, AIDA Cruises in Germany and Ibero Cruises in Spain. AIDA was previously a subsidiary of P&O Princes Cruises PLC, being transferred to Costa following the merger of Carnival Corporation and P&O Princess in 2002. Ibero Cruises is a new brand, created in 2007 as a joint venture between Carnival Corporation and Orizonia Group.

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Cruise lines enhance safety post Concordia

Costa Concordia Accident
The cruise industry has implemented three new safety policies as a direct result of the Costa Concordia accident earlier this year. The new safety policies...

Costa Allegra reaches port

The stricken Costa Allegra – which has been stranded at sea for three days – has finally docked in the Seychelles. The ship ran into...

Costa Allegra ship in difficulties

A second Costa Cruises ship has run into difficulty in as many months with more than 1,000 people on board and drifting without power...

EXCLUSIVE Costa Concordia accident – 88 per cent will not change...

Costa Concordia
A massive 88 per cent of our readers said they will not change their travel plans as a result of the Costa Concordia tragedy. Just...

Costa offers compensation to Concordia passengers

Costa Cruises has offered an €11,000 compensation package to Costa Concordia passengers to cover “psychological distress” and all costs associated with the cruise including...

Costa Concordia: “Safety is the number one priority”

I attended a press conference yesterday set up to answer some of the questions being asked in the wake of the Costa Concordia accident. Although...

No long-term impact on cruise

I've been doing the rounds of radio and TV (that's me on Al Jazeera TV on Monday) in the last few days, asking my...

Costa Concordia Accident – death toll rises

The confirmed death toll in the Costa Concordia accident has reached 11 people, with a further 24 people still missing. With rescue operations moving into...

Costa Concordia Accident – Missing toll rises

Emergency crews revise up missing toll from 16 to 29 as rescue mission enters Day 5 Emergency crews working on Costa Concordia have revised upwards...

Costa Concordia Accident – Captain took “unauthorised” route

Costa Concordia Accident
Costa Concordia accident – Captain took an “unauthorised” route   The captain of the Costa Concordia made an “unauthorised” deviation off course that led to the...

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