If you have as many Antarctica expedition cruising questions as there are penguins living on the South Shetland Islands, you’re not alone. With the help of G Adventures, we answer your top five frequently asked questions

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When you’re contemplating Antarctica cruising with G Adventures, it’s normal to have a few questions about how to reach the end of the globe. Here we help you know the difference between a Zodiac and a star sign.

Q. Just how adventurous do I have to be to cruise to Antarctica?

You might think that hopping on board G Adventures’ ship G Expedition is only for the most daring of travellers. Well, daring comes in many sizes. Antarctica attracts a wide range of travellers of experience and ages. If you love wildlife, incredible scenery, and can climb into a boat (technically we use Zodiacs) with a helping hand, you are good to go.

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Q. What kind of wildlife will I see?

Several species of seals and penguins call Antarctica home, as well as killer whales and albatross. On landing days, you’re likely to see plenty of penguins, seals and other birds. If the captain spots whales at sea, there will be an announcement over the ship’s intercom so everyone can head to the observation deck.

Q. Tell it to me straight. Am I going to freeze?

Despite the fact this isn’t the Caribbean, you’ll be pretty toasty most of the time. On board G Expedition, the temperature is kept at comfortable levels. You can defrost after kayaking or camping in the sauna and leave your gear to dry in the heated mud room. Wind and waterproof outer layers and pants in warm fabrics such as wool, fleece, or certain synthetic blends made for the cold are recommended. You won’t need a tonne of gear, but layers will keep you comfortable. G Adventures will also deck you out with a complimentary Expedition Parka – way cooler (well, warmer) than a souvenir magnet.

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Q. I can leave my bathing suit behind, right?

Well, there is a Polar Plunge option, so you might need it.

Q. Is my camera good enough? Or do I need a new one especially for the expedition?

With scenery like this, it’s no wonder Antarctica calls to everyone’s inner photographer. Your ship G Expedition has an onboard photographer who leads scheduled lessons on how to best use the camera that you have. If you’re a novice, a point-and-shoot camera is fine, while a DSLR will give others a decent range. For a list of other gear to take with you, check out the G Adventures Blog.

With itineraries ranging from 11 to 22 days, there is more than one way to satisfy your desire for colder, majestic climates. If you’re still curious about penguin behaviour or climate research, all itineraries include educational seminars. Yet with all these wise lecturers, there’s still one FAQ we can never answer – what am I waiting for?

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