Cruising is such a fantastic experience that can give you some unforgettable memories. So what are you waiting for? Here are our top reasons to book a cruise right now

Bottom Bay, Barbados © Barbados Tourism Authority
Bottom Bay, Barbados © Barbados Tourism Authority

51. “The wonderful thing about cruising is how many places you can visit in two weeks.” Twiggy

52. “Sublime relaxation and luxury.” Nick Hewer

53. “You can put your gladrags on for dinner and have your bed made every day. It’s first-rate service the traditional way.” Julie Peasgood, actress and TV presenter

54. “It’s the perfect break for families with older children because it is an adventure from start to finish.” Tara Cain,

55. LOTS of photo opportunities.

56. Do as much, or as little, as you please at your own pace.

57. Top service. From a nightly turn-down to chocolates on your pillow, you’ll feel VERY spoiled.

58. On many cruises you can order room service, too.

59. The fireworks. There’s something particularly magical about watching a fireworks display at sea – both Disney and Norwegian offer this experience.

60. “All the ‘must-see’ elements are sorted for you by the cruise line so you feel like a traveller instead of a tourist.” Gyles Brandreth

61. Character encounters. Mickey Mouse and friends on a Disney cruise; the Dr Seuss gang on Carnival; and on Royal Caribbean, the DreamWorks characters.

62. Shopping – in port and on board – and auctions.

63. The high tea. Served by white-gloved waiters to the accompaniment of a violinist.

64. A cruise is the best way to see Brazil. As anyone flying there for the World Cup this summer will discover, it’s a vast country. But a cruise will make it stress-free.

65. “As soon as you step on to that great ship, you’re stepping on to a private magic world. If you want to completely remove yourself from the humdrum of your ordinary life, you can.” Oz Clarke, wine expert

66. The Caribbean. All islands are different, with their own personalities; a cruise is one of the easiest ways to see them.

67. Visit some of the world’s most important historical sites, including Ephesus, Turkey; the Acropolis, Athens; and the Great Wall of China.

68. The beaches.

69. You can make friends – you’ll find that everyone’s friendly on a cruise. And if you prefer not to mix, that’s fine, too.

70. “A cruise is the chance to try a different, fabulous restaurant every day… without a cab ride back to a hotel.” Becky Wiggins,

71. They’re the perfect multi-generational holiday. Do your own thing and reunite in the evening for dinner to talk about your day.

72. Cruises are great for big family celebrations, too.

73. Indulgence. All those spa treatments, the cuisine, the cocktails… if you’ve ever wanted to know what it would be like to be Queen or King for a day, a cruise is a good way to find out.

74. It’s a chance to introduce your children to culture, from exploring ruins in Greece to visiting Roman ruins in Italy.

75. Want a girls’ getaway? Cruises are ideal for breaks with groups of friends.

76. “I can let my eight-year-old have a lot more independence on a cruise than on a land-based holiday.” Erica Douglas,

77. Watersports. From pools and waterslides on board to jet skiing and parasailing on the sea.

78. The chance to dress up as a pirate. You know you want to.

79. Simplicity. Choosing, booking and planning your cruise holiday is surprisingly simple.

80. There is so much to do, and it’s all included, from rock climbing or going to onboard lectures to learning to cha-cha-cha.

81. Love walking? Cycling? Golfing? There’s a cruise that will suit you. Or you can simply laze in the sun. Your choice.

82. “Get married. Have your special day tailor-made. Want traditional vows? The captain will oblige. Want to write your own? Sure. Have your favourite songs, lucky charms and even a chocolate wedding cake. And the best thing is you’re already on your honeymoon.” Deborah Stone, Contributing Editor, Cruise International

83. “Cruising takes the stress out of travel, while you relax, dance, eat, drink, sunbathe, swim, play or even spa.” Penny Alexander,

84. “A cruise gives me some scheduled time to relax.” Scott Sanders, @thedclblog

85. “A river cruise lets you see the wonderful riverbanks of Europe from the luxury of your floating boutique hotel. There’s no way you could squeeze so much into another type of holiday.” Josephine Price, Cruise International

86. The ships. Whether it’s a luxury voyage in the Med or an adventure cruise in the Amazon, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with your ship.

87. “Cruises rock – you don’t have to drive anywhere, catch a train or navigate a bus system in a foreign language.” Jacqui Paterson,

88. “Go to sleep in one country and wake up in another.”
Kate Sutton,

89. “Throw away any misconceptions. Just enjoy the experience and remember, there’s a cruise to suit everyone.” Andrew Todd, via Facebook

90. “Most costs are covered and everything’s right there.” Ellen Fleming, via Facebook

91. The crew will make your holiday as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, and next time you’re on board, they’ll remember you.

92. Did we mention the cocktails?

93. Eating al fresco. There really is no finer way to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner than out on deck.

94.. You’ll feel at one with nature. Take it from us, nothing beats the total tranquility
of gazing out at the empty ocean.

95. “Being on a ship, with everything at your fingertips, is the most wonderful way to travel.” Darcey Bussell

96. The lobster.

97. There is always something new to try.

98. “Travel on the loveliest rivers, through sublime countryside.” Joanna Lumley

99. Bears. On a cruise you could see polar bears, koala bears, panda bears or honey bears.

100. A cruise ship is a home from home and you’ll soon become attached to your stateroom and the crew. Warning: when your cruise is over you’re likely to get withdrawal symptoms. The only way to cope is to book another one.

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