The splendid outdoor pool on board Celestyal Olympia.

We dined every day at the Aegean à la carte restaurant – choices were delicious and plentiful – with a genuine Greek theme running through each menu.
From slow-cooked meats (veal, chicken or lamb) to lighter options such as Dolmades (stuffed vine leaves) there was no need to venture elsewhere for dining. If you wanted something quicker and simpler, buffet-style restaurant eating was also available, as well as fast food poolside snacks. Service was flawless and desserts were especially moreish.

The Parthenon, Athens.

Also fitting in with the ‘authentically Greek’ theme were expertly planned activities – including learning snippets of the language and finding out more about cooking or wine tasting with a talk from a local vineyard owner.

This is a new direction for Celestyal Olympia but any teething problems since its first outing in March this year under a new brand have been ironed out, and I felt completely spoiled. My junior suite was plush, stylish and comfortable, with a double bed as well as a bath and shower to unwind in.

Our itinerary was exhilarating, combining maximum time on land exploring stunning destinations with a Greek atmosphere on board. In our first port of call, Mykonos, we marvelled at the sunset and learned about the island’s emblematic windmills. On this island too love was in the air as the 1980s rom-com, Shirley Valentine, filmed here, was recalled. I laughed out loud when our guide identified me as a lone face in a crowd who would have remembered it.