Adam Sandler crossdresses in his new movie

The Allure of the seas will play host to Adam Sandler next month, as filming for his new movie “Jack & Jill” gets underway during the Allure of the Seas’ preview cruise.

The movie which stars Adam In both the male and female lead roles, stars such names as Katie Holmes, Al-Pacino and the gregarious and larger than life Shaquille O’Neil. With its release date set for 2011 cruisers on board the Allure of the Seas during filming will be given the opportunity to feature as extras, as it is rumoured that Director Dennis Dugan is looking for couples aged 30-60, and children between to ages of 6-14.

It comes as no surprise that the Allure of the Seas has already shown it’s star qualities and a recent podcast for Film Buffs, described at length the merits of the vessel as a great film location

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