Well-known travel expert and the Editor of Cruise International, Liz Jarvis, answers your questions: Q. Does my husband have to wear a tuxedo on our cruise’s formal night?

Formal wear on cruises. Image credit: Getty

A. I don’t know of any cruise lines that insist on you wearing a tuxedo for formal night, although some of the more traditional lines, for example Cunard, do offer guidelines including ‘tuxedo, dinner jacket or dark suit’ for men. Even on P&O’s Black Tie night men can wear a ‘dark lounge or business suit’ as an alternative to black tie; and on some of the US-owned lines I’ve seen guests interpreting formal night in all kinds of different ways. Men should certainly make an effort to wear a jacket, and you may want to wear a long gown, but a cocktail dress is also absolutely fine. Wear whatever you feel good in, add a pair of sparkly earrings and heels and you’ll be ready to go. Dressing up for formal night adds a sense of glamour and occasion, but the most important thing is that you feel comfortable – it’s your holiday, after all.

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