I’m back with more luggage today, having discovered the fabulous Amelie bag from MiaTui.


The large tote looks clean and stylish on the outside, and comes in a range of colours from simple sand to a bright plum. But it’s on the inside where this bag really excels, and it’s a dream for regular travellers.

Inside, MiaTui have basically organised your life for you – there are clever compartments for all the conceivable odds and ends a woman might need in her handbag. The bag features pockets and zips and clips galore, and even clear plastic inserts so you can take liquids through customs easily, or just for your gym toiletries or make-up. There’s a detachable clutch that’s really rather nice on its own, and the whole thing is waterproof inside and out.

I’ll be taking the Amelie travelling with me as super versatile supplementary hand luggage but it strikes me that now I have it, any other normal bag just won’t do. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a shopping trip or just to take to the office with a change of clothes and a pair of heels, this is one useful bag. Oh, and it comes in a mini version too!

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