Don’t fancy flying? More and more of us are choosing to take cruise holidays that depart from the UK. Danielle Fear, aka Cruise Miss, looks at the reasons why.


For those of you who are first-time cruisers, a no-fly cruise departs from and then arrives back into a UK port. With most of us in the UK being within 100 miles of a major shipping port it’s a convenient holiday option.

A no-fly cruise is possibly the most popular means of travel among those who suffer from anxiety and a fear of flying – or perhaps have a medical condition which prevents them from flying. A no-fly cruise removes this obstacle and opens up the world to those who would otherwise miss out on the wonders of global travel.

Families travelling with young children are also being drawn to this form of cruising. Rather than contemplate the onerous challenges of airports, they are more than happy to embrace the less stressful option of the no-fly cruise, especially when there are several irritable youngsters in tow.

What are the benefits?

Arguably the biggest attraction is the fact that there is no baggage allowance restrictions! Just imagine the liberating feeling of packing as much as you like without incurring an additional fee? Surely every traveller’s dream come true!

The options for getting to and from your chosen port are also quite simple. If you drive, you can leave your car securely at the port for the duration of your cruise, it will even be unloaded and parked for you so all you have to think about is checking yourself in. If you prefer, there is also the cruise link option. Some collect you from your home, others meet you at a designated service station. It varies per cruise line.

So where in the UK can you depart from?

Almost all the major ports in the UK see cruise ships come and go and although the main port for UK cruise ships is Southampton there are still plenty of others that you can select including Dover, Harwich, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Greenock and Newcastle.

Cruise lines sailing from these ports include Celebrity CruisesCunard, Fred Olsen, MSC CruisesP&O Cruises, Princess CruisesRoyal Caribbean International, and TUI Cruises.

The no-fly option is certainly not for everyone but it is a great alternative. I have met many people who still prefer to fly out and meet their chosen ship in a more tropical climate rather than sail from a UK port. I suppose this way they are guaranteed sunshine from the moment they step onboard, something us Brits can always do with more of!

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