Want to do something a bit different on your next holiday? Nick Dalton looks at the range of enrichment experiences available on both ocean and river cruises


Sometimes a cruise, for all its wondrous scenery and its luxurious surroundings, isn’t quite enough. You want something more. An opportunity to learn something new on sea days or in the evenings, to find something that educates and entertains while still, of course, enjoying those meals and the almost daily pit stops in the world’s finest destinations. Then look for a theme cruise; one that has a focus on a subject with lectures, demonstrations and perhaps ways to become involved in your chosen subject. It doesn’t mean that the whole cruise is dedicated to one subject, however, merely that there’s a focus to it. There are river cruises that ring a bell with cyclists and ocean voyages that brighten up the lives of those intent on seeing the Northern Lights. Whatever your interests, there is a cruise for you.