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7 of the best adventure cruises

Go off the beaten track on your next trip. Nick Dalton selects 7 of the best adventure cruises to put on your travel wish list. Adventure cruises are the perfect way to escape the crowds and...

9 of the best safari cruises

Safari cruises are set to be one of the hottest new travel trends for 2021. As we seek to connect more closely with the natural world, Nick Dalton selects some of the most enticing...

Antarctica cruises: The ultimate guide

An Antarctica cruise is the ultimate wishlist adventure – and exploring this extraordinary continent is easier by ship. Here Nick Dalton has the complete lowdown on Antarctica cruises. Glaciers, shimmering turquoise and white; fields of penguins,...
Viking Sky on a Northern Lights cruise

Viking Northern Lights cruise review

Huskies, reindeer, and a lot of snow – Sara Macefield joins a magical Viking cruise in search of the Northern Lights. A chorus of mournful howls cut through the freezing air as a pack of boisterous...
Expedition ship Seabourn Venture cruising

Seabourn names new expedition vessel ‘Seabourn Venture’

The first of two new Seabourn expedition vessels, which is due to launch in June 2021, has been named Seabourn Venture. Richard Meadows, president of Seabourn, said: “The name Seabourn Venture is an exciting step in...
One of the Four Great Towers of China, the Pavilion of Prince Teng in the north-west of Nanchang, overlooking the great Yangtze.

Top 10 river cruises 2019

Nick Dalton, co-author of new book The World’s Great River Journeys, selects the most enticing itineraries for the year ahead. The Mekong It’s boom time in Vietnam with more and more cruises on the river that...

Top 10 Expedition Cruises 2019

Expedition cruises offer unparalleled opportunities to explore the world’s most intriguing destinations and go off the beaten track by ship, from Alaska to India. Here Deborah Stone selects the top 10 expedition cruises for...

Cruise International December/January on sale now

Discover your inner explorer with the latest issue of Cruise International – out now INSIDE THE LATEST ISSUE Find out who you voted for as the best cruise lines, destinations, itineraries, agencies, and more at the British Cruise...

Amazing cruise adventures

There are some incredible cruise adventures available by ocean and river. Whether you want to explore ancient temples in the Far East, hike the Inca Trail or tango in Buenos Aires, itʼs more exciting...

Best River Cruises 2019

A river cruise gives you a unique perspective of a destination, with constantly changing scenery and lots of opportunities to get off and explore. We asked the experts to select their favourite river cruise...

Cruise International

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