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Costa Cruises (Italian: Costa Crociere S.p.A.) is a British-American owned Italian cruise line, based in Genoa, Italy. Founded in 1924, the company originally operated cargo ships, until the introduction of passenger services in 1947, with regular services between Italy and South America. The company later converted its entire fleet to full time cruising, and as an independent company became one of the largest cruise operators in Europe. Acquired by Carnival Corporation in 2000, Costa Cruises is now one of eleven brands operated by Carnival Corporation & PLC. Today, as Costa Cruises Group, the company is one of the main operating companies in the Carnival group, with executive control of the groups activities in Europe. The company is responsible for operation of Costa Cruises in Italy, AIDA Cruises in Germany and Ibero Cruises in Spain. AIDA was previously a subsidiary of P&O Princes Cruises PLC, being transferred to Costa following the merger of Carnival Corporation and P&O Princess in 2002. Ibero Cruises is a new brand, created in 2007 as a joint venture between Carnival Corporation and Orizonia Group.

Costa Cruises Information

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Costa Marina

Costa Marina was built in 1969 in Finland, joining Costa's fleet in 1990, with a further refurbishment in 2002. Ocean Cruise Passenger capacity: 1000 Passenger Decks: 8 Total Cabins: 383 Cabins (Balcony): 8 Gross Tonnage: 25558 Restaurants: 3 Bars: 4 Swimming Pools: 2 Spa:...

Costa Mediterranea

Costa Mediterranea is a Spirit Class cruise ship, constructed in 2003 in Helsinki, costing over 400 million Euros. Ocean Cruise Passenger capacity: 2680 Passenger Decks: 12 Total Cabins: 1057 Cabins (Balcony): 678 Draught: 7.8m Gross Tonnage: 85619 Restaurants: 4 Bars: 12 Swimming Pools: 4 Spa:...

Costa Pacifica

Costa Pacifica is a Concordia Class cruise ship, joinging Costa Cruises in 2009. Ocean Cruise Passenger capacity: 3780 Passenger Decks: 14 Total Cabins: 1504 Cabins (Balcony): 579 Gross Tonnage: 114147 Restaurants: 5 Bars: 13 Swimming Pools: 4 Spa: Yes Gym: Yes Casino: Yes Exclusively For Adults: No

Costa Romantica

Costa Romantica entered service for Costa Cruises in 1993, and was refurbished in 2003. Ocean Cruise Passenger capacity: 1697 Passenger Decks: 11 Total Cabins: 678 Cabins (Balcony): 10 Gross Tonnage: 53049 Restaurants: 3 Bars: 7 Swimming Pools: 2 Spa: Yes Gym: Yes Casino: Yes Exclusively For Adults:...

Costa Serena

Costa Serena is a Concordia Class cruise liner, and the Costa Cruise's flagship since it began service in mid-2007. Ocean Cruise Passenger capacity: 3780 Passenger Decks: 14 Total Cabins: 1500 Cabins (Balcony): 563 Gross Tonnage: 114500 Restaurants: 5 Bars: 13 Swimming Pools: 4 Spa:...

Costa Victoria

Costa Victoria is a Sky Class ship from Costa Cruises, which debuted for the line in 1996 and was fully refurbished in 2004. Ocean Cruise Passenger capacity: 2394 Passenger Decks: 12 Total Cabins: 964 Cabins (Balcony): 246 Gross Tonnage: 75166 Restaurants:...

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