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Mediterranean East and Black Sea

The Eastern Mediterranean, without doubt, provides a wider variety of interests for cruise visitors than any other region in the world. From the sandy beaches of the Greek Islands to the dazzling mosques and palaces of Istanbul, there is something for everyone. Many itineraries visit the region on a voyage from Southampton whilst the majority operate as fly-cruises, whereby passengers join the ship in Istanbul, Venice, Corfu or another Eastern Mediterranean port. There are cruise styles and itineraries to meet and exceed every expectation. Costa Cruises and MSC Cruises offer a truly Italian flavour on some of the world's most modern vessels whilst P&O Cruises and Voyages of Discovery cater for those seeking a style more suited to British tastes. Fred Olsen Line is also in the area with a number of educational features that impress its loyal following. The region attracts cruise visitors all year round, although the main season operates between April and October. Winters can be very chilly, with snow in Turkey, Cyprus and the Black Sea, but those who wish to explore the host of museums and palaces will be happy to travel outside the busier summer season. Most itineraries are port intensive, and in the Greek Islands it is sometimes possible to make more than one port call in a day. This is also the case in the scenic Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Croatia. Beach lovers are rarely disappointed but water sports and diving activities are not as plentiful in these waters as they are in the Caribbean or the Indian Ocean. The area attracts young and more mature passengers alike as there are places of interest for all tastes, especially in the larger ports of call, such as Venice, Dubrovnik, Athens and Istanbul. This is definitely the case when an itinerary ventures to Alexandria or Port Said on the Egyptian coast, where passengers may join a shore excursion to the famous pyramids at Giza near Cairo.


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Limassol Port Guide

Welcome to Cyprus’s vibrant but divided culture, complete with Cypriot meze, Turkish mosques and Greek antiquities. Limassol, the principal cruise port of Cyprus, sprawls around Akrotiri Bay, midway between Larnaca and Paphos, and close to...
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Fred.Olsen has launched two Archers themed cruises for 2011. Cast members from the Radio 4 drama series will join two Mediterranean cruises from April next year. Names are yet to be confirmed, but previous characters on...

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Corfu is becoming increasingly popular, where ships dock at Corfu Town. A long, skinny island in the Ionian Sea, Corfu is quite different from the Cyclades group further south, with stately Venetian architecture, high mountains...

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Visit the beautiful - yet wild - Mykonos Mykonos is a popular call but if you can, choose a cruise with an evening departure from this hedonistic island, famous for its anything-goes attitude. There are great...

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Santorini is high on everybody's cruising checklist, a sheer, towering semicircle of extinct volcano, the black cliffs topped with white sugar-cube houses, the light more dazzling than anywhere in the Mediterranean. Ships moor up to...

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Increasingly popular as a cruise destination, the approach to the Montenegrin port of Kotor is one of the most stunning in the Eastern Mediterranean. Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located at the end of...

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The sprawling Greek capital is more often than not the start or end point of a cruise but it's really worth exploring, for at least a day and probably a night, so consider flying in...

Dubrovnik Port Guide

The fortified city of Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful sights of the Eastern Mediterranean. Unless you want to learn about local history in detail, there's no real need to take a city tour;...

Exper Advice: Guide to cruising the Eastern Mediterranean

The atmosphere, beauty and spirit of the sun-drenched Eastern Mediterranean lures cruise visitors from far and wide. It's a cultural and yet carefree destination that's has everything from beaches to ancient ruins and is ripe for exploring.
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