Singer and dancer Ashley Roberts reveals some of her favourite holiday destinations and where she’d like to go cruising and whySinger and dancer Ashley Roberts reveals some of her favourite holiday destinations and why cruising appeals

I love to explore and see new places. Last year I travelled to Santorini for the first time. I have never been to Greece before – the island is known for its sunsets, which are so stunning. We had the chance to see it from Oia Castle. We stayed in a villa, which had the most amazing views, and I took the time to watch the sunset most evenings.

Most recently I have been to Miami and hung out with some girlfriends. It was a blast. We spent time at Soho House, went surfing and generally just hung out. Miami is an amazing place as it is so diverse – you can head to the beach, surf, cycle or hit the mall.

It’s hard to name my favourite destinations, but I really enjoy spending time in Europe. I call London my home town (with LA) but the UK is also fantastic. I went to Bath on my last trip and really enjoy spending time in the city. I am a big fan of island hopping too, so Greece is probably one of my most favourite destinations. All the islands are so beautiful and each have their own unique charm.

I love the thought of having a luxury cruise holiday and having everything to hand. It must be one of the most relaxing experiences as you have so many things to do all in one place. At the same time, you get to discover different countries, different cultures and meet different people.

On my next holiday I’d love to see Capri in Italy. The landscape is said to be breathtaking and there’s so much to experience; great restaurants and luxurious hotels, hiking, helicopter rides. I’ve got the itinerary already planned in my head.

My perfect holiday is definitely a hot destination and one that has an equal split of relaxation and activity. I love to snorkel and to chill out or to hit the sea paddle boarding. I am also a big foodie, so in particular I love fresh fish and dining al fresco. I think a holiday is made more memorable by the people you spend it with and so it would be spent with close family and friends… Perfect.

The last book I read that really hit home was #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. It gave me the motivation I needed to start my shoe line ALLYN.

I like a whole mix of music to listen to while travelling. My taste is eclectic. I am currently listening to an old Ibiza chill-out and Steely Dan.

It’s hard to name just one item I never travel without. But I would say I love having my make-up bag to hand. It’s not about topping up my make-up, but more about having the essential face wipes and moisturiser. Travelling is tiring and can damage the skin so I like having these readily available.

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