Celebrity chef James Martin will be on board P&O’s Britannia. Here he shares his favourite experiences…

Cruise International

My favourite experience from my travels with P&O Cruises so far is trying out new foods. The small cafés and bars in the Caribbean have some truly amazing food.

If I had to pick a favourite city I would say New York is pretty special but Barcelona, Venice and Rome offer things that not many cities do – really great architecture and really great food. 

I’m looking forward to the launch of the first British cookery school at sea (on Britannia) and visiting places I’ve never been before. I get a buzz from teaching people how to cook; passing what you learn on to others and learning yourself. Cooking on a ship is a challenge. On my first ever cruise I got lost below deck. It’s a floating town and you rely on the suppliers, but it’s a team effort and is second to none in terms of focus.

My holidays as a child weren’t bad but they mainly consisted of Blackpool and Robin Hood’s Bay on the Yorkshire coast. We did go to Corfu once.

I’d love to go to Japan or Australia and New Zealand to try the cuisine.

I have heard great things about Peru and Brazil. If you want to expand your knowledge of the world, travelling is the very best way to do it.   

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