Baroness Mone, OBE, the entrepreneur, Ultimo lingerie founder and public speaker, reveals some of her favourite destinations

Michelle Mone

My most memorable holiday is definitely sailing round the bays of Mallorca with the kids. It was just the four of us cruising around Formentor, Portals and Pollença with the wonderful sea breeze and open water. It’s given me some amazing memories and it’s the best way to unwind.

I love going to different places for a short amount of time, so cruising is perfect for this. It offers such great variety – ideal when you’re travelling with your kids and you have to try and please everyone.

I don’t read books on holiday but I always take some form of business documents. There is always something that needs looking at with fresh eyes. I often take business plans; people send them to me and I review them. It’s the only chance I have to read them, really. Music wise, Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli are my favourites. The rest of the time I listen to chart music.

My UTan and Tone Turbo Lotion and Night Crème are items I never go on holiday without.

I don’t sunbathe to protect my skin and so I am always under canopy or other cover, but I still want to blend in so my fake tan keeps me going. Oh, and my phone.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Barbados but I have been hearing great things about St. Barts, so I’l be going there in January to see what all the fuss is about. Apparently it’s like paradise.

Many of my favourite cities are back home in sunny Scotland. It is easy to forget natural beauty when it’s on your doorstep, but the Highlands and islands are breathtaking.

My perfect holiday is being active. I love exploring and getting fit and healthy, but I also like a bit of beach and sight seeing and visiting my friends and family. A lot of people go on holiday to let go, but I go on holiday to get going. It’s perfect if I’m able to do a couple of days of business too, just to keep everything ticking over.

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