Cosmetic surgery and cruise holidays are both increasing in popularity and savvy cruise lines are combining them so that you can experience your favourite treatments on board. Lynn Houghton investigates…

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When aficionados book a visit to their favourite spa, they expect a relaxing, luxurious experience with a wide selection of services and products. These services can range from manicures and pedicures and facials right the way through to non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, microdermabrasion and dermal fillers.

But what about salons and spas at sea? Popularity of spas on board is increasing in leaps and bounds. In recent years, passengers have become more interested in spa facilities and are experimenting with treatments they may never have tried before. Savvy cruise lines are ensuring that a multitude of treatments, including more extreme enhancement procedures, are available for their cruise guests should they wish them.

“Celebrity Cruises prides itself on offering an all-encompassing ‘modern luxury’ cruise experience, and places great emphasis on listening and responding to feedback from our guests to continually enhance the facilities offered on board our ships. In recent years the Celebrity Cruises’ AquaSpa has developed its offer to include a wide range of spa experiences as well as cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and Botox. All treatments are administered by our very own Med-Spa Physician, a licensed medical doctor, and have proven to be consistently popular with our guests. And, just announced, Celebrity Cruises is joining up with Canyon Ranch SpaClub® at Sea in Spring 2014,” says Jo Rzymowska, Managing Director UK and Ireland of Celebrity Cruises.

According to Erin Johnson, Head of Marketing at Carnival Cruise Lines UK and Ireland, “Relaxation as well as fun is an important aspect of any holiday, especially on a Carnival Cruise. It is important to us that our passengers have some time to themselves to relax and unwind. The Cloud 9 Spa offers a calm and peaceful environment for guests to be pampered, and with a variety of treatments from manicures and grooming, to teeth whitening and acupuncture, passengers will be spoilt for choice on our ships.”

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At one time, BOTOX® was a very controversial treatment.  Now it has become increasingly commonplace, so much so that people barely bat an eyelash when it comes up in conversation. BOTOX® is Botulinum Toxin that is injected into specific areas, usually of the face, to freeze targeted muscles. This restricts the affected area from moving so, for instance, brows will not furrow nor frown. Treatments soften fine lines and wrinkles, and claims are that a client then has a refreshed and youthful appearance. Results are visible within days and typically last up to four months. BOTOX® is a toxin (the cruise lines’ description of BOTOX® as being a purified protein is not entirely plausible) but this substance has been deemed safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Celebrity CruisesCurrent prices unavailable as new menu being developed.

Norwegian Cruise Lines – BOTOX® for Crow’s Feet, the area around the outside corner of the eyes, $300.00


Considered less invasive than Botox but with excellent results, dermal fillers are in demand and increasing in popularity. Dermal fillers are reported to smooth: smile lines, ‘Marionette’ lines and lipstick lines that appear around edges of lips thus giving a more even lip line. Fillers are also used for lip enhancement to create a fuller ‘pout’ and to add volume to uneven or small lips.

On an Oasis class Royal Caribbean Cruise Line ship several years ago, I tried the Restylane filler treatment. Injected around my mouth, it was successful in plumping up my skin and did go some way in reducing ‘Marionette’ lines that appear at the corners of the mouth and down to the chin. Unfortunately, the anaesthetic cream had not been applied long enough in advance to reduce the pain significantly and so it was far too gruelling for me to ever try again.  But everyone has different pain thresholds, so what might not work for me could work for someone else.

The Queen Elizabeth’s Medi-Spa offers Cosmetic Dermal Filler Treatments; these replace lost volume and fullness in the wrinkles and folds in both the lower face and lips. Fillers can restore youthful contours instantly and results typically last up to six months or longer.


Cunard – Restylane injections from $400.00

Norwegian Cruise Lines – Restylane Lip Enhancement – $700.00


A service that is non-invasive but gives immediate results is teeth whitening. A good smile can make a client look younger, more radiant and confident. Advanced tooth whitening treatments are available on board many cruise ships. It’s a safe and effective way to take a smile from drab to fab in just minutes.


Carnival Cruises – GO SMILE Tooth Whitening Treatment, 30 minutes, $149; Couples GO SMILE treatment: 30 minutes, $258.00

Norwegian Cruise Lines – GO SMILE Tooth Whitening Treatment, $149.00

Princess Cruises – GO SMILE Tooth Whitening Treatment, $149.00

With parties and evening events being increasingly popular on cruise ships, particularly sea days, it’s no wonder guests want to look their very best on board. So ship’s spas and salons will continue to offer the same services and treatments available on land. Why not try out the latest and put your best foot forward at that next Gala Evening?