Emergency crews revise up missing toll from 16 to 29 as rescue mission enters Day 5

The Costa Concordia lying just off the island of Giglio

Emergency crews working on Costa Concordia have revised upwards the number of people missing to 29 from an original estimate of 16.

As the rescue operation moves into Day 5 it looks increasingly unlikely that anyone will be found alive on the stricken ship as rescue workers have now searched all the areas above the waterline.

Local coast guard chief Marco Brusco told the BBC that there was just a “glimmer of hope” that survivors could be found.

Six people are confirmed dead after the ship struck rocks off the Tuscan island of Giglio on Friday night.

All 35 Britons among the 4,200 passengers and crew on board are safely off the vessel.

The ship’s captain Franceso Schettino has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter, after he allegedly steered the vessel off course and near the island to impress the family of a colleague on board.

Yesterday, the chief executive of Costa Cruises blamed the captain, saying he had taken an “unauthorised” deviation off course which led to the accident.

Schettino is also accused of abandoning the ship before all passengers were safely off. He denies all wrongdoing saying he stayed until the last passenger was rescued and that the rocks were not on his ship’s charts.

Concerns are now being raised about a potential environmental disaster, with the ship carrying thousands of tons of fuel.

Italian authorities are hoping to siphon off the fuel and have also pledged funds to prevent an environmental disaster.

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