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Next year will mark a year of anniversaries for Cunard.

The cruise line will celebrate the 175th anniversary of its first ship Britannia in 2015.

Britannia first set sail in July 1840 and was the first regularly-scheduled service across the Atlantic.

Queen Mary 2 will recreate the original 1840 crossing on 4 July 2015, sailing from Liverpool to New York. This will also be the first time that a Cunard ship has departed for America from Liverpool since January 1968.

As the cruise line itself was founded in the city of Liverpool, Cunard will also be celebrating its original home port and location of its head office for 128 years in 2015.

Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria will all dock in Liverpool in May 2015 and on Monday 25 May the three ships will line up together on the Mersey

In this year of anniversaries, Cunard will also be remembering the 100-year anniversary of Lusitania on 7 May 2015. The Cunard flagship was hit and sunk on its journey from New York to Liverpool in 1915.

Each anniversary will be commemorated with a special anniversary cruise.

David Dingle, CEO of Cunard, said:

“Cunard history reads like no other. For so long the heartbeats of Cunard and Britain have been as one and we intend to celebrate this landmark anniversary in grand style. These special voyages have been planned over many months to commemorate key dates in the company’s history with all who wish to be part of Cunard’s special and unique heritage. We look forward to delivering this year of spectacle and celebration to the many people who share the pride we feel in Cunard’s ongoing success on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.”

To find out more about the anniversary cruises and to book on to them visit  or call 0843 374 0000.

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