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"Day two onboard my first gay cruise!"

By Gary Buchanan | 27 Jan 2012

Gary Buchanan reveals the second installment of his blog, retelling the time aboard his first gay cruise.

Gary Buchanan Gay Cruise

Day Two

That night there was a Captain’s ‘toast’ in the Showlounge introduced by the gregarious Cruise Director Gene Young.

During the ‘Night at the Baths Underwear Party’ the bespoke lighting rig cast lasers soaring into the sky as British DJ Rich B ensured the buff bodies got a high octane workout until 3am. For more modest passengers, other entertainment was on offer throughout the ship. I ventured into the Casino and joined some European guys playing poker.

Ports followed in quick succession during the latter half of my week’s cruise, with most passengers visiting Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Marseilles. As we headed back to Barcelona the ‘Gay Paree T-Dance’ got underway in earnest. It was here I met Gareth and Peter from Thirsk and we discussed the cruise over a cocktail or three. This couple, celebrating their recent civil partnership, had enjoyed nine previous RSVP Cruises. As we watched the partying throng sporting a potpourri of drag and other salacious costumes, Gareth said, “These cruises make you glad to be gay; this has been the best one yet.”

Had I embarked on S/S Camptastic? Not a bit of it. I was on board a ship filled with well behaved men – a far cry from the denizens of London’s Old Compton Street or Manchester’s Canal Street. That doesn’t mean they were stuffy or boring – these were guys comfortable with their sexuality who were able to show each other affection without a whiff of homophobia. Several solo travellers were there to relish the company and the friendly buzz; yes there was some cruisin’ but it was far from risqué. Without doubt this was a cruise with a difference – the difference being – the attitude-free passengers knew how to have fun.

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