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DreamWeave mascara

By Jessica Tooze | 13 Nov 2012

The press release for the new DreamWeave mascara says that it is available to buy direct from www.wrinkleregime.com. Don’t let this put you off though as this is a truly good product.

Dubbed a ‘groundbreaking lash extension mascara’, the silicone formula is supposed to coat each lash with a fibre wrap, giving you dramatically longer, more defined lashes. And it works.

The brush is much smaller and finer than many, and doesn’t look as though it’s going to have much of a dramatic effect, but it is flexible and easy to use while really locking on to your lashes. The colour has really good staying power (apparently up to three days although I haven’t tried this) but comes off easily in satisfying eyelash-shaped clumps.

It really does give incredible length, but rather than a false lash effect it’s more natural, lengthening your lashes without making you look like you have spiders on your eyes. If you’re not a dab hand with falsies or would like a subtler look it’s a great buy, and you can layer a few coats for a really impressive effect.

The best thing for me though is that the fibers that wrap round each lash mean that it seems to be smudge-free, which I find hard to find in a non-waterproof mascara.

DreamWeave is good value at £12 and the perfect addition to your make-up bag.