Julie Peasgood is a TV presenter, travel expert and Contributing Editor for Cruise International

Q. Our family love adventurous holidays, but my husband and I would also like a bit of time to relax. What cruises can you suggest that include both?

A. Many cruise lines offer the opportunity to combine high-energy shore excursions with a more chilled-out holiday for parents. Maybe Dad can go parasailing or dolphin swimming with the kids, letting you enjoy a session in the spa, or soak up some sunshine with a cocktail and a good book. The general rule of thumb is that when it comes to ships, bigger is generally better for choice of activities – and the newer the vessel, the more family-friendly the facilities are likely to be, as they are designed with families in mind. Disney, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival and Royal Caribbean lead the way – decks boast everything from huge water parks to zip lines, ice rinks, bowling alleys, workshops, plus a range of kids’ clubs.