Becky Wiggins is a well-known blogger and Contributing Editor for Cruise International

Q. My husband and I want to go on our first family cruise but our two children are very young – they are three and five years old. How safe is it to take them along with us?

A. Cruises are becoming more popular with young families, and most of the larger cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line offer a wonderful array of kids’ clubs and activities for children. However, I know that safety is often a worry when cruising for the first time with young kids.

To reassure you, on your first day on board you’ll all be required to take part in a mandatory muster drill, which outlines safety procedures in case of emergencies. And you don’t need to worry if your children are involved in an activity at the time of any emergency; they’ll be supervised by cruise line staff and taken to the muster station for you (many lines provide under 12s with wristbands showing vital information, too).

Obviously common sense applies when supervising children on balconies, but cruise ships are a really safe environment for young children. There are generally no life guards on board cruise ships, even at the kids’ pools, but most family cruises offer fabulous splash and play areas (Carnival Vista’s WaterWorks and Disney Magic’s Aqua Lab are two of my favourites), where younger children can play within easy sight of their parents.

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