Liz Jarvis is a well-known travel expert and the Editor of Cruise International

Dressing for formal nights on a cruiseQ. I’m really not a ball gown type of person. What should I wear on formal night?

A. Relax. I don’t think there’s any cruise line that would force you to wear a ball gown on formal night. What I love about these evenings, though, is that it is a chance to dress up and feel glamorous. If you don’t want to go long, then a cocktail dress with a pair of sparkly earrings and heels will be fine. If dresses really aren’t your thing, then a smart pair of trousers (not jeans) with a pretty top and maybe a silk scarf, or a plain jumpsuit dressed up with accessories, will also work. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable, because it is your holiday.

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