Sara Macefield is an award-winning journalist, travel writer and Contributing Editor for Cruise International

Q. My husband and I cruise in Europe a lot, but now we’d love to visit the Caribbean. Which islands are must-sees?

A. As the world’s most popular cruising region, you will find the greatest choice of sailings in the Caribbean. You can visit on the world’s largest ships owned by Royal Caribbean, which tend to call at more mainstream islands such as St Maarten, St Thomas and Jamaica or choose smaller ships, such as those of Silversea or tall ship line Star Clippers, which visit more out-of-the-way spots such as the Grenadines, St Barts and Nevis.

I would recommend classic Caribbean isles such as Barbados, St Lucia, pretty St Kitts and particularly Antigua, which has great beaches, interesting history and a picturesque capital, St John’s. Cuba is another destination that is ripe for exploring by ship and, now that it is opening up to the US market, I’d recommend visiting fast before it changes forever.

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