New to cruise: Useful tips for planning your first cruise

Cruise International tips for first time cruisers

You’re spoilt for choice when selecting a cruise, but how do you choose the right cruise line and ship for you when there are an ever-increasing range on offer?

For first-time cruisers or the more experienced traveller, the best place to start is here.

MSC Fantasia

1. What type of cruise is right for you?

The first and most important thing to decide is what type of cruise do you want to go on.

Consider the following questions:

Cruising can cater to whatever requirement you have, so browse the Cruise Types section of our website for ideas

2. Pick a destination

Cruising is a fantastic way to explore a variety of countries in comfort.

Your options are extensive. From island -hopping in the Caribbean, exploring the culture of the Mediterranean, beautiful (if cold) tours of Alaska, through  to the ultimate in travel – the Round the World Cruise.

Explore our Destinations section for the inside track on some of the most popular cruising regions in the world.

3.  Book your Cruise

A word of advice – book early! Despite popular opinion, last minute bookings are often not the best, and it is only by booking early that you guarantee the cruise experience that you desire.

For our comprehensive advice on the best way to book your cruise, read our Booking Advice here

4. Pack for your cruise

To be fully prepared, read our guide on what to wear while on the cruise here

5.  Enjoy your cruise

Relax and  enjoy the ultimate travel experience, and remember to tell everyone at about your experiences when you return!

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