In our latest issue we take a look at the architectural treasure of Havana in the former Spanish colony, Cuba.

Cruise International
Havana, Cuba

Founded by the Spanish in the 16th century, Cuba’s capital is an awe-inspiring mishmash of run-down Baroque and colourful Art Deco charm.

The best way to get around is by taxi – old American Chevys take you to the Capitol Building and the Plaza de la Revolución, named in 1959 when Fidel Castro swept to power and where an iconic image of Che Guevara keeps vigil.

Literature aficionados can see where Hemingway spent the last 22 years of his life on the outskirts of the city in his home of Finca Vigía and indulge in a Hemingway Daiquiri, said to be the writer’s favourite drink.

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