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It's luggage, but lighter

By Jessica Tooze | 26 Oct 2012

The it luggage ANDORA suitcase

So I know you’ve been on tenterhooks since my earlier post so here it is: the best small suitcase I have found. The ANDORRA, a 100 per cent polycarbonate case from it luggage, is the perfect size for hand luggage and accepted by most airlines. But you can also fit a surprising amount into it.

It has nicely zippable compartments for you to store all your essentials and the hard shell is shiny and tough. The case is not only light and strong but it oozes quality with a smooth push button trolley handle and soft touch top and side handles. The four silent glide wheels (I’m a total four-wheel convert) are a brand new Japanese design, and make manoeuvring the case quite effortless. It is secured with a combination TSA lock giving total peace of mind and as with all it luggage, the case comes with a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty.

Best of all is just how light it is – weighing from only 1.97kg. Even with the hard shell this case is so light you can practically balance it on one finger, when it’s empty of course. It allows your baggage allowance to be taken up by content and not case weight, which, for me, is the sign of a good case.

It’s new this week – go out and buy it immediately.

Now then, for years I’ve been lugging a great beast of a suitcase around the world; a super hard-shell Samsonite that weighs half a ton and almost yanks my arm out of its socket whenever I try and pull it anywhere. It’s definitely time for a change – what are your suggestions for the best large luggage? Tweet @cruisemagstyle