Jenni Falconer takes our Quick-fire Quiz - Cruise International

Jenni Falconer takes our Quick-fire Quiz

By Natalie Milner | 11 Sep 2013


Jenni Falconer, TV presenter and host of the Cruise International Awards 2013

What’s your favourite place in the world?

It’s so hard to choose. The Greek islands are stunning, Santorini is one of my favourite places – it’s perfect for a romantic getaway. It has some lovely places, like Oia, where everyone sits on the walls by the coast to watch the sun go down.

If you could be anywhere right now where would you be?

I love Barcelona, I just think it’s brilliant. It’s got such a nice climate, great shops, history, architecture and it’s got a beach. In Spain they have the tradition of La Marcha where everyone goes for a walk along the promenade in the evening, it’s great.

Is food a big part of your life when travelling?

If I’m staying in a hotel I would rather go out for breakfast – you can get some amazing food and sit in the sunshine, or on the beach. Part of the experience of going on holiday is going out for dinner, it’s a big aspect of the enjoyment factor for us as a family.

What’s one of your most off-the-beaten-track experiences?

In Barbados you can drive in a four-by-four right through the plantations, all the way up to the top of the island and there are incredible views of all the beaches.

What do you love about Scotland?

If you live in the UK and want a holiday that’s closer to home, but stunning and picturesque, then the north coast of Scotland is beautiful. One of the cruise ships that travels around the Highlands is Hebridean Princess, it’s so gorgeous that The Queen has sailed on it – and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are rumoured to be planning a wedding on board.

Where do you most look forward to exploring?

I have travelled to Perth and Queensland in Australia for work, but I’m desperate to explore Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand. I like the Australian lifestyle as I enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s such a healthy, active place and so friendly – there’s a reason why so many people go there and don’t want to come home again.

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