The end of the month is fast approaching and we’re steadfastly holding on to a few of those lingering New Year’s resolutions. Luckily, our resolution to be a little more organised is one we’ve managed to keep up and fortunately we have stumbled upon a beautiful brand who is set out to keep us on track so we can’t take all the credit here.

Cruise International

Noble Macmillan are here to make sure your travels go smoothly and with style by equipping you with the best leather accessories.

The British brand was founded by Tom Dodd-Noble and Adam Macmillan, who was the grandson of the prime minister Harold Macmillan, who raced cars together at Le Mans.

Their London shop is quintessentially British and impossible to leave empty-handed. From passport covers and luggage labels to jewellery rolls and travel wallets –  you’re certain to need something they’ve got.

The company was created in 2007 and the team has since brought glamour to the sometimes stale world of travel accessories. And we’re loving their work in helping us keep our travels organised.

Travel can be a pain with so many bits and pieces to remember. Yes, we know most of it can now be stored on your smartphone but the old-fashioned luxury of travel cannot always be replaced by an app.

See the full collection here.

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