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Without question, one of the most fortuitous aspects of booking a river cruise is the innumerable amount of destinations you’ll encounter during your trip atop the waterways. While standard ocean voyages necessitate a great deal of time be spent out at sea sailing from place to place, river cruises stumble upon new port calls seemingly everyday — making them ideal for those interested in the travel, discovery and exploration aspect of cruising.

But with so many stops in so many exciting destinations, it’s important to plan ahead and decide what’s worth seeing in each port on your tour’s itinerary. To help you do just that, here are some top tips on making the most of shore excursions on a river cruise.

See a little or a lot

Those who have previously enjoyed a city break will attest to just how tiring and time consuming — albeit, thrilling — exploring a vast metropolis can be. By trying to squeeze too much into a single day, it’s easy to burnout and lose interest, so plan your time well and only sign up to what you think is an achievable number of activities, trips and excursions.

Depending on how much time you like to invest at any given visitor attraction, this may mean that you end up seeing a little or a lot of a particular city. For instance, if you’re cruising through Paris and want to spend the day among the plentiful artworks of the Louvre or the Musée National Rodin, this might not leave a lot of time for other excursions — so schedule your time accordingly.

Book certain excursions in advance

Just like with seafaring cruises, it’s often a good idea to book or reserve your place on an excursion, trip or tour ahead of your arrival into the port in question. Doing so affords less stress and hassle, and means you won’t be stuck waiting in any queues upon arrival. Often, booking in advance also means you can pay any admission fees in advance, too, so there’s no need to set any of your holiday budget aside to pay for trips and activities.

Remember, however, that booking in advance is only necessary for excursions taken independently of your river cruise tour operator. Some river cruise companies provide complimentary daily excursions in each port.