We’re making resolutions and number one is to make sure we’ve got fab hair ready for our next cruise. Check out these top tips…

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The first few days of January tend to be full of new year’s resolutions and promises. ‘I will make sure I do this’ and ‘I promise to get better at that’ are frequently overheard and we all try to cut out many of the fun things in life, until we realise that we can’t be that good all the time.

Beauty new year’s resolutions tend to be a little easier to keep to and hair care is one those things that we should all be better at, but often we’re not that sure what to do.

Neil Cornelius, the hairdresser behind the Bond Street salon Neil Cornelius 1st floor salon, has shared his top tips to make sure your hair looks great right through 2014. After all, this will be our best year yet if we stick to all these new year’s resolutions we’re making…

Neil said: “2014 is all about sexy hair, styled to make the hair look effortlessly beautiful. With a great cut and the vast array of products out there, you never have to have a bad hair day this year!”

  1. Break bad habits. Stress, smoking and a poor diet can make your hair dull and prone to breakages. Start the year by taking care of those locks. Redken’s new Diamond Oil is a must for any bathroom.
  2. Make sure you use a natural-bristle brush, it is softer and more flexible, which means less damage to your hair. Your hair is its most fragile when wet, so avoid excessive brushing or combing until it’s most dry.
  3. Bespoke cutting is set to be a huge trend in hairdressing and the best way to get the right cut for you. It involves stylists throwing away the comb and picking up the hair with their fingers, to cut and slice where needed. Forgetting about the restrictions and confines of traditional hairdressing.
  4. As a move away from the poker straight look of the past few years, consider finger drying your hair, for you a more natural look. Mould the hair with the heat from a good dryer and tease locks into place with fingers. Great for that holiday ‘beach babe’ look, which is perfect at home or away.
  5. The plait trend is set to stay, as a follow on from the Hunger Games influence. A great way to keep your hair in place stylishly, whilst sunbathing or swimming.
  6. Consider trying colour rinses, which match your own natural colour, to refresh and revitalise your hair. Ask at your local salon.
  7. We all enjoy a blast from the past and scrunchies will be making a big comeback this year. They are a great yet simple way to make a hair statement, but remember to stay clear of anything that will break or damage the hair.
  8. This year will see many guys addressing the issue of grey beards! We’re seeing much more interest in face tints for men. With this  comes shaping and tinting those eyebrows for a combined look.
  9. Remember if you do have longer hair, you have to be more mindful of keeping it in good condition. Taking care of longer tresses requires frequent trims (every six to eight weeks) and conditioning the ends every other day to prevent dry out.
  10. For Neil, his focus is all about great hair 24-7, with the extension of his 24-hour hair salon.

For further information visit www.neilcornelius.com.

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