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Pack it in

By Jessica Tooze | 26 Oct 2012

Another practical basic today, kicking off with that fundamental cruise essential: the suitcase. A survey commissioned by Samsonite has found that one in five Brits have experienced broken items in their luggage in the past, and this summer saw a 41 per cent rise in the sale of hard suitcases.

Further findings from the survey reveal, however, that it isn’t just fragile items that we are worried about travelling with. Sentimental home comforts are also taking up an increasing amount of space in the average suitcase, with 30 per cent of people requiring at least two items that remind them of home. Apparently the most popular home comforts taken on holiday this year included: framed photos of a loved one, slippers, dressing gown, laptop, iPod, kindle, cuddly toy and an iron.

While I’m rarely anywhere without my iPhone and am even partial to packing a dressing gown if I know there won’t be one in my hotel or stateroom, I don’t know any adult who packs their framed pictures or a cuddly toy. And as for the iron…

But whatever you’re packing, today’s traveller is increasingly looking for durable yet lightweight, manoeuvrable pieces that actively ease the stress of travel and eliminate the likelihood of breakages.

One of the wonderful things about a cruise holiday is that you can take as much stuff as you like, especially if you’re sailing from the UK. You can pack away to your heart’s content and create a little home from home in your stateroom, visiting new countries and destinations every day with none of the hassle of lugging giant bags around. You can even take your cuddly toy if you must.

But if you have to fly to meet your ship, you’ll need practical cases that adhere to airline regulations and yet hold the maximum amount possible. To this end, hand luggage is very important, especially if you’re flying with a low-cost airline to Europe that has hefty costs for extra baggage.

I actually think I may have found the holy grail of hand luggage… More about this soon.