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Indian River Cruise aboard the Charaidew

Baby elephants, armoured rhinos and sailing down the river: cruise and safari combined make for an unforgettable Indian experience in Assam as we cruised...

Rugby World Cup Cruise Announced

Tailor Made Travel have just announced a series of cruise packages to New Zealand for this year’s Rugby World Cup, which runs from 9th...
Unrest in Egypt

Cruise lines fly home UK cruisers stranded in Egypt

Cruise lines operating in Egypt have succeeded in repatriating passengers as the civil tensions continue to worsen as anti government protesters clash with government...

Christchurch, New Zealand Port Guide

New Zealand’s second largest city is attractively sandwiched between mountains and sea. It’s a pretty mix of heritage buildings, cafes and gardens and will...
South Australie is famous for its award-winning vineyards

Adelaide Port Guide

South Australia’s compact capital is happily situated at one of Australia’s great touring crossroads. Linger a little in the city itself and you’ll find...

Walking Cruises

Enjoy beautifully scenic walks at voyage destinations. While some themed activities, such as golf, comprise elements both on and offshore, others use the voyage's destination...

MS Clipper Odyssey advice and information

We asked Lynda Murphy at Zegrahm Expeditions for advice and information and to tell us about the Clipper Odyssey, one of her favourite ships What...

Sydney Port Guide

Widely recognised as the most iconic harbour in the world, Sydney certainly packs the wow factor for a cruise arrival or departure. Day trip,...

Top 5 destinations visited by Royal Caribbean International

There are countless amazing destinations visited by the Royal Caribbean fleet. Here is our pick of the 5 cruise destinations serviced by Royal Caribbean International: 1....

Destinations visited by the Royal Caribbean fleet

As Royal Caribbean grows, it’s able to offer a greater variety of destinations than ever before. The Mediterranean, the Norwegian Fjords and the Caribbean...

Cruise International

Cruise International is the UK’s highest-selling newsstand travel magazine dedicated to cruise holidays. Packed with inspirational reviews, the hottest destination advice, celebrity interviews and the very latest ocean and river cruise news, it helps both new and experienced cruisers alike plan their next trip. With its high production values, stunning photography and outstanding editorial, Cruise International is first choice for Britain’s 1.75 million annual cruise holidaymakers.







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