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Provence cruise review

By Cruise International | 10 Jan 2013

Margaret Appleton and her husband won a wonderful competition in the June/July issue of Cruise International for an APT cruise through the vineyards and rivers of Provence

Little did I realise when I entered the competition in Cruise International to win a river cruise on the MS Amadagio that I would win.

We were flown to Lyon airport and transported to the ship. On arrival, we were welcomed warmly and shown to our suite, which was light and airy with a balcony that proved a blessing in the heat.

All meals throughout the cruise were superb with plenty of choice. Many dishes reflected the French cuisine of the region, such as Daube de Boeuf Provençale and Cream of Escargots soup.

The complimentary wines were from local regions such as Beaujolais Villages and Côtes du Provence Blanc de Blancs.

The actual cruising was a delight and the scenery kept changing regularly as we travelled through the different areas. Excursions were well planned and gave us a real taste of France. In Lyon, the guided tour with the panoramic view of the city at Fourvière Hill (the Hill of Prayers) and the iconic white Basilica of Notre Dame were not to be missed.

Back in the Renaissance district of the city, we enjoyed the café culture and took a walk through the narrow passageways. We were also able to view many of the ‘trompes l’oeil’, or painted walls, for which Lyons is famous.

The Beaujolais region proved to be a revelation with its rolling hills, vineyards and vibrant flower gardens. We greatly enjoyed wine tasting in a local vineyard and the visit to the small town of Oingt, with its medieval past and golden stone buildings.

In Boucieu le Roi, we visited a traditional goat farm and sampled a number of goats’ cheeses.

A visit to a truffle farm in Grignon was a delightful experience, and to watch the family dog locate the truffles was truly unique.

Avignon proved to be wonderful and the visit to Pont du Gard, the Roman aqueduct built more than 2,000 years ago, was a real highlight. A visit to Avignon is not complete without passing the famous bridge, and we cruised past it accompanied by the song Sur le Pont d’Avignon played over the ship’s speaker system.

Our thanks go to APT and the crew of the Amadagio for a magnificent cruise, and to all at Cruise International.