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Discover sustainable luxury on board Silver Nova, Silversea's newest ship

By Claire Benktander | 11 Jan 2022


Silversea’s newest environmentally-friendly ship, Silver Nova, will set sail in 2023 and will be the first low-emissions luxury cruise ship with advanced hybrid technology.

The latest in luxury, sustainable cruising

The latest vessel in Silversea’s fleet, Silver Nova has sustainability at its heart. As well as mix of advanced technologies, Silver Nova will be will be the first hybrid, luxury cruise ship free of emissions while in port – an industry first.

The ship will also offer a brand-new suite experience as the the first ship in Silversea’s fleet to feature all-balcony suites, including aft suites with panoramic 270˚ views, as well as a stunning new Otium Suite.

Then there’s the signature brand of Silversea luxury, with butler service for every suite, an incredible 1:1.3 staff to guest ratio (1:1.3) and superb gastronomy, with eight restaurants and several choice of bars.

A revolutionary design

Silver Nova‘s asymmetrical design and horizontal layout will emphasise space and a seamless connection between the ship and its surroundings.

Speaking about the new ship, Silversea CEO Roberto Martinoli said: “In a word: she’s a gamechanger…For the first time in our cruise line’s history, we will have a ship with an asymmetrical design.

“The pool deck is a great example: instead of having an enclosed swimming pool in the middle of the deck, the pool will be open to one side of the ship, therefore providing a more generous open area with unobstructed views.

“The concept of spaciousness is intimately aligned with the transparency of the glass, so you have both cabin and public spaces throughout the length of the ship, you don’t have the separation forward and the aft. This is more conducive to enjoying the ship’s public spaces and socializing.

“And this is key for the Silversea experience, as it benefits all the dining areas, bars and public areas, including our culinary program, Sea and Land Taste (S.A.L.T.), with its dedicated venues, and the Otium Spa.”


Silversea chief executive Roberto Martinoli. Credit: Silversea

Eco-friendly cruising

As part of Silverse’a aim to reduce their environmental footprint, cruises will also focus on respecting their surrounds as well as exploring new destinations and will be powered by a trio of sustainable power sources, including a fuel cell system, battery technology and dual fuel engines using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as the main fuel.

Martolini added: “We are making a significant investment to safeguard the environment.

“To give you a sense of it, the biggest fuel cell system ever installed on a ship before was like 200 kilowatts, and ours is 4 megawatts, so it’s 20 times as big as any existing installation today.

“Aside from the fuel cell and the battery, Silver Nova will also run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is the most environmentally-friendly fuel that is available today, so this is another big advantage.

“And in terms of energy efficiency, this vessel is going to be 40% more efficient than any other vessel on our fleet.”

Worldwide, immersive voyages

The 11th ship to join the Silversea fleet, Silver Nova will set sail in 2023, for up to 728 guests. Its innovative, horizontal and asymmetrical design offers an immersive destination experience and with a space to guest ratio of 75 GRT-per-passenger it will be as one of the most spacious ships in cruising. Its sister ship will be ready in April 2024 and will be part of Silversea’s new Nova Class.