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Silversea announces new ship for 2020

By Mary Ann Pickford | 11 Sep 2017

Silversea’s Silver Muse

Silversea Cruises has announced the construction of a new ultra-luxury cruise ship, which is due to join the fleet in 2020.

Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, Chairman of Silversea, said: “Based on the high praise Silver Muse has earned with our guests, we are eager to build on our flagship’s success and move forward with a sister ship, which will bring us closer to fulfilling my father’s dream of a 12-ship fleet.

“We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding luxury cruise experience, and are delighted to partner once again with expert luxury shipbuilder Fincantieri as we continue to grow and evolve our fleet.”

The new ship, tentatively named Silver Moon, will be the sister ship of Silver Muse, which launched in April at the Fincantieri shipyard in Sestri Ponente (Genoa). At 40,700 gross tons and with a capacity to accommodate 596 passengers, Silver Moon will expand Silversea‘s fleet to 10 ships.

Among the new ship’s highlights is the Green Star 3 Design, a rating assigned to ships that are designed, built and equipped in order to prevent air and water pollution. Furthermore, the “COMF-NOISE A PAX” and “COMF-NOISE B CREW” are assigned on the basis of the noise levels measured on the ship. Results have shown that new builds assigned these standards offer the very best levels of comfort to guests on board.

The contract to build the new ultra-luxury cruise ship is worth approximately 310 million euros.

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, said: “We have a trusted relationship with Silversea which was born many years ago and is renewed today thanks to this important order. We are very proud to build a new ship for the Silversea fleet, and follow on from the success of Silver Muse.

“In recent years Fincantieri has continued to show that it is at the forefront of luxury ship building and we look forward to working with Silversea on this exciting build”.