Andy Harmer, the senior vice-president membership and director CLIA UK & Ireland, reveals how a stay-and-cruise holiday is one of the best ways to explore the USA in his regular column for Cruise International.

a Rocky Moutaineer train journey can be combined with a USA cruise

North America continues to demonstrate its growing appeal as a cruising destination for us Brits. In fact, recently released figures reveal that the number of cruises taken in America and its surrounding areas by British and Irish passengers rose by 20.5 per cent in 2018.

Out of all the regions in the United States, Alaska proved to be the most popular, welcoming 24,000 cruisers from the UK and Ireland, followed in second place by North America’s west coast, where 9,000 cruises took place. 

Of particular interest in the USA are stay-and-cruise tours as they provide a fantastic way for travellers to explore what the country has to offer both on land and at sea.

A highly sought-after stay-and-cruise option is an Alaska cruise combined with the Rocky Mountaineer. Said to be the best-loved rail-and-cruise combination for Brits, this trip brings together two of North America’s great wildernesses – guests can travel on the Rocky Mountaineer train for a four-day journey across the heart of Canada before or after embarking on their cruise along the spectacular Alaska coastline.

River cruises in America are also steadily increasing in popularity, and this should come as no surprise as the USA offers some truly magnificent river cruises. Whether it’s on the Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, Snake or Columbia, guests are guaranteed lush landscapes, pretty port towns, colourful characters and an exploration into the America’s remarkable history and varied culture.

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