If you sign your kids into children’s clubs then you can be completely assured that once you have dropped them off they will be looked after by experienced staff. Even if older children sometimes wander around the ship without adult supervision there are metal or safety glass barriers on every open deck so that they won’t fall overboard. That’s also true of stateroom balconies, but if you are really worried you can always book an inside cabin.

All cruise ships have medical staff, but one thing to bear in mind is that you have to pay for their services unless it is for seasickness.
“Of course we always have the safety of our guests in mind especially children, emphasised by the announcement of our new onboard paediatric telemedicine service in July. We are the first cruise line to offer this service, which allows the onboard medical team to consult directly with specialist paediatricians at any time to offer second opinions or specific diagnoses,” says Giles Hawke, Executive Director of MSC Cruises.

As part of its safety programme, P&O Cruises is trialling identity wristbands for its under-12 passengers so they can be taken to their rooms if they get separated from their parents.

Carnival Cruise Lines is also giving its guests piece of mind by offering a walkie-talkie rental service for families to keep in touch. “Customer safety is our No.1 priority,” says’s Carnival’s Erin Johnson. “It’s important everyone on board feels safe and relaxed throughout their holiday.”