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Top 5 reasons to take a no-fly cruise

By Mary Ann Pickford | 21 Oct 2016

No-fly cruises, which sail from and arrive back at a UK port, are great options for cruisers who don’t want to take to the skies – and Iglu Cruise offers a huge range of no-fly itineraries, so there is something to suit all tastes. Here are our top five reasons to take a no-fly cruise

Berlin, Germany © Shutterstock

Berlin, Germany © Shutterstock

1. More value for money

Without air fares to consider, you can make some fantastic savings on the overall cost of your cruise – allowing you more flexibility with your budget. For example, you can invest the money you would have spent on flights into booking more shore excursions, such as wine tastings or walking city tours in bustling cities like Berlin, or for treating your taste buds at the cruise line’s speciality restaurants. With the number of great deals Iglu Cruise offers, you can even save it for booking another fantastic cruise.

2. Great for families

We all know that long journeys and children don’t mix that well, so no-fly cruises are often a popular choice for young families. You can head straight for your chosen port and hop on board your ship without the inconvenience of long airport queues and flying. No-fly cruises also cut the risk of flight cancellations and delays, ensuring your family cruise holiday starts as it is meant to – fun, happy and stress-free.

3. No baggage restrictions

With fly cruises, there is sometimes that dilemma of knowing what to pack and condensing all your essentials and favourite holiday clothes to fit within strict luggage restrictions. The great thing about no-fly cruises is you don’t have to worry (too much) about that. So whether you want to take your cocktail dress or tuxedo for a special dinner, or swimming equipment to snorkel with, you are free to pack whatever you like, within reason.

4. Choice of regional ports

The main port for cruise ships is Southampton, but owing to the popularity of no-fly cruises in recent years, many cruise lines such as Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Cruise & Maritime Voyages, Cunard and P&O Cruises have ships that depart from a wide number of UK docks. These include Dover, London Tilbury, Belfast, Liverpool, Greenock (Glasgow) and Rosyth (Edinburgh), affording you greater choice when booking a no-fly cruise.

5. Less stressful

It’s thought that up to one in five people suffer from fear of flying, known as aviophobia, while there are some who might have a medical condition that prevents them from taking to the skies. No-fly cruises are ideal for those suffering with this kind of anxiety, ensuring their dream cruise isn’t out of their reach. It can help to open up the world and allow them to explore without the stress and hassle of flying.

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