GUINNESS RECORDViking River Cruises set a new Guinness World Record on Wednesday by naming eight ships in one ceremony.

Four ships were named in Amsterdam – Viking Bragi, Viking Skadi, Viking Aegir and Viking Embla, while eight were named in Germany: Viking Forseti, Viking Tor, Viking Var, Viking Rinda, Viking Atla and Viking Jarl, although two had previously sailed which meant that eight qualified for the record attempt.

The record smashed the one previously held by Costa Cruises for Most Ships Inaugurated in One Day by One Company.

“Today is a proud day for Viking and for river cruising,”  said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking River Cruises. “Our guests are explorers, just like the ancient Vikings of our Norse heritage.”

Viking plans to break its own record next year with the launch of 12 new Longships – but the company also revealed big plans for ocean cruising. The company has two vessels on order that will carry around 928 passengers and could add four more ships in subsequent years. Viking Ocean Cruising is expected to debut in 2015.

As with Viking’s river ships, the focus of its ocean ships will be “much more on the destinations,” added Torstein Hagen.  “We feel that many of the ocean cruise lines have totally forgotten about the destination. When I was young and ran (an ocean) cruise line, we said it was the destination that matters. Through river cruising we have brought the destination back into cruising.”

The company’s newly‐christened ships will sail the line’s most popular European itineraries: Tulips & Windmills (10 days, Amsterdam‐Antwerp‐Amsterdam); Passage to Eastern Europe (11 days, Budapest‐Bucharest); Romantic Danube (8 days, Budapest‐Nuremberg); and Grand European Tour.



You can watch a video of the naming ceremony below: