As we settle into another week of life in lockdown, check out the latest virtual offerings on the weekly schedule from Viking.TV.

Since news of sailing restrictions and lockdowns, Viking has been one of the leading cruise lines in offering exciting virtual experiences for their loyal and prospective guests.

Twelve people have landed on the moon, but only five have gone diving with polar bears. Famed wildlife photographer and explorer, Amos Nachoum, is among those five divers and on Tuesday, 28th of July, he will join Alastair Millar on Viking.TV to discuss his experiences and latest film Picture of His Life.

On Thursday, 30th of July, journey to the Cotswolds for a live tour of the estate and manor, Chavenage, known to many from the PBS series, Poldark. Then on Friday, return to the Cotswolds for a tour of this idyllic area from resident and expert guide, Rupert Woodard’s perspective.

Check out the full schedule below.

Viking.TV Schedule:

Each livestream begins each day at 7PM BST. Content is also taped and available to view the following day on Viking.TV.  


  • Tuesday, 28 July – This week’s In Conversation With…Tuesday session Alastair Miller will interview famed wildlife photographer and explorer, Amos Nachoum. Twelve people have landed on the moon, but only five have been diving with polar bears, including Amos. Learn more about his experience with animals, his career and his latest film Picture of His Life


  • Wednesday, 29 July – Guest lecturer, Russell Lee will share more on Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, Mona Lisa, during this week’s Arts & Music Wednesday session. Examine the Mona Lisa and take away fascinating facts and tidbits never before learned.


  • Thursday, 30 July – Thursday’s session will be live from Chavenage, owners Caroline and George Lowsley-Williams will share their beautiful Elizabethan home and estate in the Cotswolds. Virtually unchanged for 400 years, the manor may be recognised for its role in the PBS series, Poldark.


  • Friday, 31 July – At Home In…the Cotswolds. Explore more of this beautiful and idyllic area of the English countryside with Rupert Woodard, resident and expert guide.




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