There are so many different rules and regulations about visas that it’s sometimes difficult to work out what to do. Allow our expert advice to help clear up any queries you may have before your trip


The following countries require a visa organised prior to travel:


You need an e-visa if you start or end a cruise here. Valid for 180 days, they are available online for $20 from Passports must be valid for 90 days from the end of your visa. However, if Turkey is on your itinerary you are classed as ‘in transit’ and do not need one if you stay in the port or resort or are on an excursion.


You either need a visa or the ESTA visa waiver. Most people opt for the latter, which costs $14 and is easily set up online.


If you plan to go on shore alone you need to apply for a visa in advance, but if you’re on an excursion organised by the cruise company you’re covered by a group visa.


Even if you are staying on board when the ship is docked you need a visa, and the cost is the same whether you are there for a day or on a longer cruise. Minimum of 14 days to issue.


Even if you are staying on board when the ship is docked you need a visa. Minimum of 14 days to issue.


You need a visa, whether you are going on shore, you’re in transit, embarking or disembarking. It takes a minimum of 10 days to issue.


These countries require a visa which can be bought on board or can be arranged by the cruise company

Saudia Arabia 

Visas are required for excursions and are issued on board – Princess Cruises quotes ¢54. If visiting independently a visa must be obtained before travel.


Visas are required if staying in the country on a river cruise but not for day visitors on an ocean ship. They cost $20 and are sold at the airport on arrival.


Visa required, fees change regularly, check with your travel agent and on board, issued on board.


A visa is required whether disembarking or staying on the ship. It costs about $15 and is issued on board.


A visa is required whether visiting or staying on board. It costs about £15 and is issued on the ship.


Visas are issued by the authorities in arrival for a small fee.


Visas here are compulsory and e-visas can be applied for online costing $50. Must be used within three months of being issued, valid up to 28 days.


This country is increasingly popular on river cruises from Vietnam; visas are issued on arrival for about $35.

Cambodia and Vietnam

Visas are required for both, whether you are staying on board or going on shore.


Visas here are compulsory whether staying on board or going on shore, issued on the ship for about $30.

For more information, please contact your cruise line or the embassy of the country in question.