There’s no better cure for the post-Christmas blues than planning your next holiday, and we’ve been talking about our favourite cities in the office today.

Sam loves New York (for the shopping of course) and Rhian is a big fan of Buenos Aires and Prague, while Jess adores Venice.

I have lots of favourite cities – including of course Rome, Paris and Athens, as well as further afield Hong Kong, Sydney and Honolulu. But I fell instantly in love with Stockholm.

The Swedish capital has something to offer everyone, from the impressive viking ship at the Vasa Museum to its fantastic shopping and restaurant scene. It’s a very stylish city, of course, but it’s also friendly.

And it’s breathtakingly beautiful. We’ve visited in the winter, when it’s covered in a glittering blanket of snow, and summer, when you can see the Midnight Sun. And of course it’s an excellent place to start a Baltic cruise.

You can find out more about Stockholm here – and meanwhile,
I’d love to know about your favourite cities.