cruise holidayCruise holidays are made even more special by the dedicated crew members on board. Here we’d like you to share your favourite cruise ship staff and why…

Cruise International Editor, Liz Jarvis still remembers the time she was escorted by her MSC Butler in a wheelchair after experiencing severe seasickness. It’s these little acts of kindness that really make the difference to your cruise holiday.

From bartenders remembering how you like your favourite drink, to chefs who fit in with your dietary requirements and butlers who are always on call to tend to your every whim, we’d like to know who took your cruise holiday from great to outstanding.

Perhaps your Cruise Director made you feel particularly welcome on board or provided exceptional advice for shore excursions?

Then there are the wonderful staff that keep your children entertained with non-stop events in the kids’ clubs.

And there are so many other crew members who contribute to your stay behind the scenes, like the stewards who do your turndown service and leave that lovely chocolate on your pillow every evening – and ever wondered who creates those fabulous towel animals?

So we want to hear from you. Tell us about your favourite cruise ship crew members and why they went above and beyond the call of duty. We’ll share all entries in a series of special posts on the Cruise International website.

Please share in the comment box below, plus you can send in photos to go with your story to: with the subject title “My Favourite Crew Member”.

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