Ever wondered what makes a family cruise so magical? Here some of our favourite travel bloggers tell us why

Frozen fun on board Disney Cruise Line, winner of Best for Families in the Cruise International Awards 2016 © Matt Stroshane
Frozen fun on board Disney Cruise Line, winner of Best for Families in the Cruise International Awards 2016 © Matt Stroshane

We all know that family time is precious and a family holiday, especially a cruise, can give you unforgettable memories for you to all share and look back on. Whether you want an active break or a more relaxed trip, there are so many benefits to taking the family on a cruise. The range of dining options is phenomenal across all cruise lines, while the activities and excursions on offer can allow your kids to learn more about the world in a safe and secure environment. Let’s hear from the travel and cruise experts themselves why a cruise is perfect for families.

There’s plenty of choice – Becky Wiggins English Mum

Cruising makes the perfect family holiday because there’s just so much choice. Even the happiest family don’t want to spend every minute of every holiday together, and the excellent kids’ clubs and evening babysitting services offered by most of the major cruise lines mean that parents have the freedom to relax and enjoy themselves as well.

A cruise holiday is also perfect for families with older children. Teenagers are safe to go off and explore the ship and – with plenty of activities like zip lining, ice skating and rock climbing on offer – they never get bored.

Cruising is all about the journey, so visiting multiple countries without the chore of packing and travelling between hotels makes it a smart choice for adventurous kids. Imagine falling asleep in France and waking up ready to explore Pompeii.

Packing/unpacking is easy – Abigail King Inside The Travel Lab

There is no packing and unpacking all the time yet you still experience different places. This is especially important with young children who need special equipment. There are also plenty of things to do on board – or else there’s the chance to slope off for a quiet nap in the afternoon (either children or parents, really).

Everyone can get ‘me’ and ‘us’ time – Dave Monk Shipmonk

There are activities the whole family can do together, from playing in the pool to enjoying colourful shows. Food doesn’t have to be a battle or a chore either, with buffets and restaurants catering to every taste and open most hours of the day.

Children’s clubs give parents a break and allow them to be a couple again. Adults can have a romantic meal or drink knowing their youngsters are being cared for and entertained just a few decks below. Meanwhile, grandparents can relax on deck or polish up their ballroom dancing skills with classes on board. Everyone gets ‘me time’ and ‘us time’ on a cruise.

Kids can make new friends – Erica Douglas The Edinburgh Post

As a single-child family, cruising gives our daughter the chance to connect with a group of children for the duration of our holiday, providing her with lots of company her own age. We love our food, and the variety of restaurants and cuisines on board is usually excellent. We can also enjoy a drink and not worry about who is going to drive home.

Youth clubs are fantastic – Gary Bembridge Tips For Travellers

Families are the future for most cruise lines, and they go out of their way to make the ships and facilities appealing and suitable for families. In fact, they have become the focus of a lot of competition between cruise lines. Most have remarkable kids’ clubs that will keep children engaged, safe and busy all day. Often in the evenings this allows parents alone time while safe in the knowledge that their kids are being looked after. During key holiday times, you are also likely to find specific family-focused excursions, too.

You’ll always be entertained – Tara Cain The Sticky Fingers Blog

As your children get older it becomes increasingly harder to keep them entertained. They want to wander off on their own and explore without mum and dad cramping their style. Cruise holidays are absolutely perfect for this – you have a high level of safety while your youngster feels like they have a high level of freedom. Win-win.

We got our kids to map out the ship for us when we first arrived, which they absolutely loved because it meant they got to explore every corner of the ship on their own. If you pick the right cruise ship to suit a family, the onboard entertainment is fantastic. From shows and fun activities to sport, kids clubs and fabulous swimming pools – they’re all under one ‘roof’. It means you get to kick back and relax while your children have the times of their lives.

Children are free to wander safely – Lewis Nunn Travel Like A Teen

There are many things as a family you can do together onboard a cruise ship. From being enthralled in the Broadway-style shows, to enjoying the many cocktails and mocktails at the pool bar. There are also plenty of places for kids and teens to go off by themselves. Parents know that they will be safe, onboard and being looked after by the many members of staff. Also allowing parents to take some time out to rest, relax and read.

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